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Wisdom :: Earth

Welcome to Wisdom :: Earth

This website is dedicated to the study and development of Permaculture, and application of its principles in the real world. We will also be discussing health and nutrition, natural medicines, sacred geometry (patterns and fractals), spiritual development and beneficial scientific discoveries.

Permaculture designs aim to fulfill the following goals:

  • resilient, productive and healthy ecosystems
  • plant and animal diversity and balanced populations
  • energy efficient and sustainable housing and infrastructure
  • recycling and effectively utilising our limited resources
  • co-operation and community building
  • observing patterns in nature and harmonising with their ebbs and flows
  • sharing the surplus to secure a positive future for all living things

Through cooperation, rather than competition, resourcing and community building, we can all make a difference in securing the future of our food supply, education, and culture!
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This is an Open Source project and I welcome all of your inputs, whether its articles, links, videos, photos, plant info, permaculture success stories, community projects, cool discoveries, suggestions on website tools I should develop for the permaculture community, and comments on anything you found of interest.
Please use the Contact Us Form to get in touch.

Feel free to browse the articles, step through the glossary, or use the search engine to find whatever it is that interests you. I will also be adding new articles, site features, and plants to the Permaculture Plant Database on a regular basis.

I am also available for Permaculture Consultations, garden and farm designs, and Permaculture education and training.

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Below is a short introductory video to Permaculture by my Permaculture teacher, Geoff Lawton. (3min 22sec)

Nature by Numbers - patterns, sacred geometry and mathematics are found throughout nature. Short movie by Christobal Vila. (3min 44sec)