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Mineral Interactions and Absorption fact sheet

How minerals are absorbed in the human body

Category: ScienceHealth

Date: 17 October 2009

Author: Dr. Steven E. Whiting, PhD

Description: Discussing factors that affect mineral uptake and absorption in the human body, and outlines our direct relationship to the mineral depleted soils we grow our crops in, and the general degradation in human health since the pharmaceutical age began.


Electromagnetic Circuitry

Not All Liquid Minerals Are Created Equal Either

In looking at a market that has been inundated with liquid mineral supplements in the past 24 months alone one might wonder if they are all pretty much the same. A closer examination of their makeup shows us that they are not.

The biggest single factor in evaluating a liquid mineral supplement for efficacy is NOT in the quantitative elemental amounts of minerals contained therein as much as it is how much electrical potential the product is able to impart to the living cells of the body.

We live in a country of excesses, where quantity, not quality is king. When considering the delicate biochemistry of the body quality is far more important than mere bulk quantity. Organic, colloidal, bio-electrical trace minerals benefit the living system in large part because of the electrical circuitry which imparts life force energy to the body cells, making them better able to carry on their individual life functions.

This electrical potential comes from and is generated by the relationship of one element to another. That is why no single mineral can ever hope to have the same benefit alone as it can have in the presence of the full spectrum of others. This electrical potential is generated by the interaction of one element with another in the sea of electromagnetic activity that is constantly taking place in an organic colloidal solution.

This being the case then, the ratios of one mineral to another is of far greater importance that mere quantity alone. The more optimal the ratios of minerals to each other the greater the electrical potential and hence the greater the 'life energy' that is imparted to the living system.

When these naturally occurring ratios are disturbed in any way it reduces the amount of electrical potential that may be passed on to the cells of the body. For example if you have a greater amount of one mineral than there would be present naturally, that mineral would impart a greater electrical charge than normally would be present. This in turn would suppress the electrical potential of other minerals related to it and ultimately alter the entire electrical circuitry of the aqueous solution.

This altering would make the product far less bio-available than if it had not been altered. When you see liquid mineral products that show an inordinately high amount of certain minerals such as calcium, potassium and others, these minerals have likely been added to the solution in order to boost its elemental quantity.

The minerals used to do this are often inorganic minerals which since they are positively charged electro-magnetically, further destroy the delicate life-giving energies that naturally occur in organics in the first place.

Buyer beware! We have even seen and tested mineral products that, while they advocate having full spectrum minerals, upon examination contain only 20 to 40% pure mineral water. The rest is such things as aloe vera, fruit extracts, inorganic added minerals, flavorings etc.

All these not only take away from the true electrical potential of the organic minerals but may be giving you little more than mineral-poor filler. By sheer volume alone. They deprive your body of a mineral rich solution. If you are using a liquid mineral product that purports to be good for you read the label. See what else is in the bottle besides minerals!

If your liquid mineral product tastes delicious we can guarantee that is has been adulterated in some manner. Pure liquid colloidal organic trace minerals are tan to brown in color and are very bitter. Any attempt to mask these characteristics for long periods in the bottle affects both the potency and the electrical charge of the minerals. Know what you are buying.

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