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Quick Guide to food pH levels

Foods that create Alkaline and Acidic reactions in the body

Category: HealthPermaculture

Date: 6 July 2011

Description: To keep our bodies in good health, we need to maintain a balance of foods that help us sustain strong immune and digestive systems. Some foods form a more alkaline environment in your blood, others acidify the blood. The key is to offset acidifying foods with alkalising ones, while eating a broad range of oils, fats, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, sugars and proteins. Don't forget to excercise and go out in the sun. The sun activates over 200 enzymes in our body, assisting in digestion, as well as provide us with much needed phytonutrients.

A healthy body generally has a blood pH of 7.3

Help your body heal by routinely eating raw, organic fruits and vegetables.


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