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Bromeliad Flower from my garden


Billbergia  pyramidalis 

Plant Type:  perennial   herbaceousevergreenepiphyte

Description: Hardy flowering epiphyte. Evergreen leaves and striking flowers.


Plant Attributes


Plant Hardiness  zones


Plant Dimensions

Plant Height
Plant Spread



Sun Aspect

Part Shade

Water Needs

Maintenance Level: Low maintenance

Urban: Beautiful evergreen with spiky leaves, and bright, fleshy flowers that attract pollinators. Planted around the edges of your garden, Bromliads can deter pets and other large animals from trampling and digging up your garden beds. As an epiphyte, it can grow in tree branches, and traps water and nutrients from falling plant fodder. Bromiliads attract snails, who hide within its leaf folds, but slip and drown during heavy rains to become food for the plant. Grown indoors, Bromiliads can be fed with heavily diluted, organic liquid fertiliser applied to the center of the plant instead of its roots.
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