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Mr Arseny Peisakhov


Skills / Profession

Permaculture, Rei-ki, Web Development, Photography, and Garden Design.

I offer services in the design and implementation of edible, productive, resilient, and sustainable organic gardens, farms and ecosystems. My consultations allow you to learn how various systems are integrated (people, plants, animals, insects, infrastructure, energy, and access), and how following natural principles will allow us to achieve more by working less, save time and money by using our resources in the most practical way, and become self-sufficient.

Please use the Contact Us form to get in touch or call 0414 636 979 to arrange a consultation or acquire more info about Permaculture.

Bio / Personal Description

Born in 1981, in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Migrated to Australia in 1991.

I live and work in Sydney. My personal interests include permaculture, drawing and designing, study and research of various disciplines, nutrition, energy healing, philosophy, computers, web design and development, photography, ecology (studying plants and animals in the natural world), mycology (study of mushrooms and I love mushroom picking too).

I love designing gardens and sustainable ecosystems and teach Permaculture and self-sufficient living practices.